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Every day born a new idea but in 10 minutes or in an day the Idea is gone, many people said is a dream , but is your Idea , You can make your idea or dream now ... don't waste your time, Call me.

  • Language: Spanish,English
  • Main Project: Tervat

Experienced Web Developer adept in all stages of web development. Bringing forth expertise in design, installation and maintenance of web systems. Equipped with a diverse and promising skill-set. Proficient in an assortment of technologies, as PHP, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, MySql, LAMP, Linux. Able to effectively self-manage during independent projects, as well as collaborate in a team setting.

Well Owee started with an idea help to peoples, but in the process I had problems because I'm not live in USA or Canada or another country where I can have online payment, I remember to try in Australia but I can't do it because I not citizen, was sad but is okay I undestand, how I can make projects to help to others in my country and other countries too where the people need help.


HTML 100%
CSS 90%
JavaScript 65%
PHP 80%
WordPress 50%
DataBase / MySql 70%



Statistic Programming


Web Design

Data Bases


Nice Music

Networks Design

My own Projects


PHP Technology, MySql, Bootstrap 5, javascript

Link your business everywhere. Owee.ME launch pad for your video, article, recipe, store, website, social post, etc. Now anywhere you are online.

Well I start with this project I hope you liked, with this project you can create you card presentation about your business and I hope to be help to you.

Tervat is eCommerce Store for our customer

PHP Technology, bootstrap 5, javascript, MySql

An project that help to create your own store online and you can have you ecommerse system control, you have control about your own product and how you can sell you products too, if you have a make part about this project please contact me.

Bjor.in make you own Websites

PHP Technology, Bootstrap 4, MySql, Javascript, Jquery

An project that help to create an website for you ,

BibliaNotas Spanish WEbsites talk about Bible

Python Technology, HTML5, Bootstrap 5

I will Update more later with a database MySql, where the people make the own comments adn share more about the Bible, if you are interest more about this projects please contact me.


My Services

Data Base

I will design your relational database for your business, inventory, mailing, query log, etc. I will give the design and the script for you database.

Bootstrap Template

I will design you business template with bootstrap 5 , include a form contact for your business.

Help in you Hosting and Domain..?

Have some problem in buy and Hosting for your business and domain too, please contact to me and I will send you more details about it if you business is small or medium I will help you.

Your need a software for you Business..?

I can help you to choice one or to make one with all details that you need, this software be alone for you.

Do you want help with you WordPress..?

Yes of course, but remember I'm not a god from wordpress I have limitation, so I can make some change how I can for you.

Do you want to talk with me about you business..?

Feel free to contact me or take an hour for you for talk, some ideas and we can make a flow ideas until to get a goal.


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